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Damo Gelila Cooperative Shoe Factory




Damo Gelila Cooperative is an association with 11 members. These members are models. They are found and work at Adwa town and their work type is shoe factory. The name of their factory is “ DAMO GELILA SHOES FACTORY”. Before they begin their own, they had been worked in Gelila Shoes Factory as employees. During their employee, they developed profession, skill and capacity. Using the skills they developed they started their own in February 7/10/2002 E.C through capital of 200,000 birr. Recently, their capital is more than 300,000 birr still there is no surplus division. They are paid 450 birr a month.

Educational level of he model youths is 10 members are diploma level and one is 1st degree level. There are five processes to make a shoe in this factory.

1. Cutting Department

The original lather is cut to small parts that can be suitable to make a lather shoe in this department.





2. Splitting Department

Splitting department is the department of making thin & soft the already cut lather in the process of cutting.



3. Preparation Department

 This department makes ready the splitted soft lather to be sewed




4. Sewed Department

After processes of the three departments are completed the lather is sewed and decorated in this department as it could be appropriate to attached with sol



5. Finishing Department

Here, after all processes are got their end the sewed lather and the sol are attached using different of attaching materials.




What do these models say?

  • the model youths say a youth should engage in any type of work that enables to bring economical development
  • There is no hidden secrete other countries became wealthier than us. The only secrete is they participate in any type of work consciously.
  • There are lots of factories in our mind so, let us make functional

The mystery of expensiveness of other countries products are because of the citizens’ attention on their own products. Therefore, we need from our citizens to contribute their support through buying and promoting our products. If there is any problem in our products, forward your builder comment or suggestion, we are ready to accept and improve it


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