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Tigray Youth Association has laid a cornerstone to build a Multi-use youth recreation center with an estimated cost of more than 9.8 million Eth Birr in Alamata town.

Tigray Youth Association aims to enhance the youth’s mind and physique so that they can be active participants in realizing our country’s development endeavors and become direct beneficiaries in their socio-economic livelihood. Accordingly, it is facilitating the construction of many multi-use recreation centers in different zonal towns of our region. Among these, in February 10, 2013, in collaboration with Alamata Town Administration and residents, it has launched the construction of a recreation center named ‘‘Freswu’at Multi-use Recreation Centre’’ with an estimated budget of more than 9.8 million Eth Birr in Alamata town.



Mayor of Alamata town, Mr. Gebretinsa’e Fissaha, presenting his speech in the cornerstone laying ceremony, has stressed on the importance of such youth recreation centers in producing an ethical and responsible youth who could play an indispensible role in creating a developed nation. Inaddition, he promised Alamata residents and administration will cover more than 40% of the needed budget to finish its construction timely.



Similarly, deputy head of Tigray Sports and Youth Affairs Bureau, Mr. Abraha Gebrewahid, appreciating Tigray Youth Association’s development Packages, he stated that, ‘Fresewu’at Multi-use Recreation Centre’ will be one of the main recreation centers that are contributing in shaping Tigray youth’s future.



Among the attendants of the ceremony, youth Fentaw Berhanu expressed Alamata youth was waiting for a long period of time for such recreation centers and thanking for launching this big opportunity for them, he acknowledged to work closely with Alamata administration and residents.


Tigray youth Association has awarded from Ministry of Women, Children and youth affairs

Tigray youth Association has awarded Certificate of recognition from Ministry of Women, Children and youth affairs in December 2012 for its profound contribution to the national development and the democratization process and its exemplary endeavors and achievements in enhancing the overall participation and benefit of the youth.



Members of Tigray Youth Association are playing vital Role in Saving the Lives of several Mothers through Blood Donation

Aiming at achieving the millennium development goal (MDG), Tigray Youth Association has innovated movable blood bank on its members. The main goal of Movable blood bank is to save the life of mothers during delivery/child birth/ and there by to achieve MDG.


A queue for blood testing


This good initiative was started last year by Tigray Youth Association of southern Zone leadership at Maichew town. Currently, it is extended almost to all zones.


While blood donation


Till now, in all zones more than 500 members have tested and registered to donate their blood to clinics and hospitals at the time of need. So far,18 members of the Youth Association have donated blood and saved human life from death.

While blood donation


Tigray Youth Association and Mekelle University have Signed Memorandum of Understanding for five years.

It is clear that Tigray youth association is a bridge and an instrumental organization to address the interest and demand of the youth in collaboration with any developmental third parties. Thus, aiming at capacitating the youth in all round development, the Association has signed a five years agreement with Mekelle University.

To build capacities of the youth through short and long term capacity building programs, Mekelle University has signed to give free scholarship for 8 youths in undergraduate and 5 youths in postgraduate programs each year for five consecutive years.



As General Manager of Tigray Youth Association Mr. Abrha G/wahid stated that until the end of 2017 Mekelle University will give free scholarship for 40 undergraduate and 25 post graduate programs. In this memorandum of understanding, total of 65 youth who are economically weak will be benefited.

Further more, in the five years agreement the university will strengthen the youth centers through different equipments such as information technology materials. In addition to this, because of the good initiative of Tigray Youth Association, different researches will be performed on the problems of unemployed youths. The researches will assess:

  • Quality and status of TVET training programs
  • Rural youth beneficiaries in accordance with improved seed, animal breeds and their productivities
  • Youth health extension accessibility services
  • Internationalization of Tigray Youth Association/TYA/ through research based quality improvements

During the agreement, president of Mekelle University Prof. Joachim W. Herzig said that this collaboration is not the end but the beginning to empower the Tigray youth through their strong organization.

Tigray Youth Association has Completed its Preparation for the Summer Youth Voluntary Services

In collaboration with its development partners, Tigray Youth Association has prepared to repeat the successful last year’s summer development program of students of higher institutions Public Relation of Tigray Youth Association Brhane W/gebriel said. As he stated, in this year more than 250,000 students of different levels of education are expected to participate voluntarily and to be motors for the whole society. 16,500 of these students are students of higher education institutions.

The main focused areas of the development will be:

· performing studies on unemployed youth

· participating in the improvement of agricultural productivity

· participating in the environmental protection by planting and caring plants

· Giving tutorials for students of elementary and secondary school.

· involving and mobilizing the whole society in health activities to minimize maternal mortality by blood donation during child birth

· Teaching to the society about the negative impact of illegal migration

· environmental sanitation

This activity will take about two consecutive months i.e. July and August. The key point that is expected from the students of higher institutions is not only their involvement in the activities but also to be influential by their voluntary services for the whole society to develop working culture said Brhane W/gebriel.

Tigray Youth Association has Given Trainings for its Leaderships of

Wereda,Zonal and Regional staffs

Tigray Youth Association has given trainings for its leaderships of wereda,zonal and regional staffs. The training was given in 2 rounds and it involved mayors of the 9 towns and the whole Weredas of Tigray Youth Association’s leaderships. In both rounds total of 90 participants have participated. The main Title of the training was Transformational leadership and had varieties of sub topics that related to leadership. The main objective of this training was to enable the youth leaderships be self initiatives for the assurance of Ethiopian renaissance

Second round training of youth leadership at Wukro Town

Members of Tigray Youth Association have Strongly Worked in the Preservation and Protection of Natural Resource of the Region


To prevent and protect problems caused by natural and man made activities for the increment of global warming, soil erosion and deforestation, Tigray Youth Association members are actively playing their requisite role in the 20 days of soil and water conservation in all over the rural areas of Tigray.Memebers of the association that are participating in this development program are 253,938 in number.Because of the voluntary service of the youth, averagicaly, 253,938,000 birr budget of the regional government has been saved from expense said G/kidan G/slasie head of planning & economic department of the Association.Additionally, G/kidan said in order to rehabilitate the degraded & eroded areas, the youth are protecting being forefront participants to keep the terraces constructed by the people from domestic animals contact and grazing.

youth participation on natural resource conservation

youth participation on natural resource conservation


Students of Higher Educational Institutions performed Different Development Activities in the Summer Season

More than 14,080 Tigrian students who have been learning in the 22 universities found in Ethiopia and governmental and private colleges found in Tigray region actively participated in different voluntarism summer development activities. Among the activities that have been performed by these volunteers; professional based activities, promoting good governance, giving summer tutorials to elementary and secondary school students, supporting olds by offering free service, and environmental protection were the fundamental ones that the students offered their free service. Especially, aiming to protect global warming and rehabilitating the eradicated area through soil erosion and deforestation, more than 1,470,219 plants have been planted by these volunteer students.


Tigray Youth Association Members Actively participated in the summer Development Program

Aimed at Tigray to be green area, members of Tigray Youth Association actively took part in the voluntarism summer services as the continuation of the every year’s participation. Promoting good governance, supporting of olds who can not perform their activities properly, and planting different types of plants are some among the several activities that the youths had engaged during the voluntarism summer service. More than 164,725 youths had been participating in the development program and 4,570,099 plants have been planted by these volunteers.



25 Youths Who Trained Basic Computer Skills for two Months were


Aimed at youths to be active in job creativity and simply to recognize with technology, Tigray Youth Association in collaboration with Alchemy World Project had graduated 32 youths two months before in the first round and 19 of them are females. The 25 youths who graduated in 11/10/2011 are the second round trainees. 11 of these trainees are females. The trainings were basically concerned on basic computer skills and entrepreneurship. In the day Director of Alchemy World Project Mister Stephen Whaley were found being as invited guests. The director in the day said that Alchemy World Project will give training for 250 youths including these who have been trained so far.


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