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Major achievements of TYA       

Mobilization  and fund raising

·         The association  has organized more than 405,000 members at rural and  urban    areas

·         About 884 youths took a training on  Basic Skills of Human Rights ,Good Governance and Democracy

·         Throughout the region 21civic  clubs established and promote the awareness of human  rights with special focus on the youth and good governance issue and tackle corruptions

·         In addition of that most of our members were/ are participating on the promotion  of  democracy and good governance  

·         Most of our members have participated at all levels of the election and   as observers too.

·         Have created a partnership with five international and national non- governmental organizations to implement different projects with TYA

Economic activities 

Since 1997 the association has achieved the following activities 


·         13,000  member youths trained on construction skills at Agbe Training Center

·         More than 42,380 various organized cooperative youths have been benefited through different activities of IGA.

·         4,200  youths have  gained  trainings that based  on wood work and  electricity maintenance skills  

·         More than 63,870 youths are trained on skill of animal husbandry

·         83,004  youth have  received land for house establishment/ Metesha/ and cultivation

·         Provision of training on food preparation and hair dressing   for more than  160 girls

·         About 155,879 youths  benefited from the modern and traditional irrigation extension program using High yielding variety inputs

·         Through TYA's facilitation  121,457  youths are beneficiaries of loan from different financial  institutions like Dedebit  credit and saving institution and others

·         More than  97,709 youths have  benefited from rural agricultural packages  such as  mountain and gully  treatment  practices  e t c

·          On average 60, 000,000/year that could have been an expense of the government for soil and water conservation work is saved by the contribution of TYA’s volunteer member youth.(1 person*10 days*18 Birr). Especially this contribution has increased to 145,000,000/year b/c the days are increased from 10 to 40 days.(1 person*40 days*18 Birr )

·         All of our members are participating in environmental protection and sanitation programs such as 2 plants for one person in 2000 E .C. for the millennium project and this program is continued as permanent activity.

Social activities

Health promotion Activities

    • 496 Anti-Aids clubs established throughout the Region and are working on awareness creation and behavioral change communication activities at their localities.
    • 1,420 youths are trained on facilitation skills of community conversation and 3,248 peer educators have trained in peer education, counseling and life skill facilitation
    • 9,540 community members and youths have been participating on  community conversation  concerning   regarding HIV/AIDS and behavioral change at 159 sites of the region
    • More than 14,558 youth members have benefited from health extension package
    •  Still Tigray Youth Association have given support  for those who have economical problem  in collaboration of youth members
    •  The association made possible  negotiation  to stop the pre programmed   under aged marriage amongst  116  youths /couples/ 


·         during 2008-2010 , about 2058 youth members are benefited ( masters , degree, diploma and certificate ) from scholarship program in private and governmental universities/colleges

·         To strengthen the academic potential of our members the association has established 7 libraries in 7woredas /districts/ of the region

·         153,387 youth have been participated at  illiteracy campaign undergone throughout the region

·         15 ICT centers has been established at 15 woredas(districts) of the region

·         7 youth centers has been established and managed throughout the region






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